• Packaging machine

    We developed and manufacture in ITALY, fully automatic packaging line for free flow products, the machine filled and seal in a preformed paper bags.

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  • Milling Machine

    We are major importers of quality used and new metal and foods machineries, fabricators. All machines and equipment’s are refurbished and thoroughly tested prior to being offered for sales.

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  • Welding Machine

    Used welding machine a tig ,model miller sincowave 175 in good working conditions.

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  • Coffee express machine

    Coffee express machine for bars and restaurants
    Used and in good perfect working conditions
    2-group semi automatic-single phase
    Model WEGA.
    In our stores Nairobi .

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  • Coffee grinder machines

    Coffee grinder machine model FAEMA MC99 PROFFESSIONAL for bars and restaurants
    Used and in perfect condition ,220v. In our stores Nairobi. .

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Packaging Division

We undertake to supply the best possible packaging machines for all free flow products. Our packaging technology is “tailor made” specifically designed to your project requirements for all range of unit weights. We are happy to rise to the challenges of other sectors, too. Please give us a chance to prove ourselves.

Automatic line for flour dosing and sealing in a preformed paper bags.
(1) The concept of TS -40 as a machine is based on:-
-high flexibility owing to the latest technology logic computer program plc. which controls the whole process, chamber transport system, suitable fillers, product compaction by means of adjustable frequencies and aptitude, regulated feeding chamber


Weights ranges 0.5-2kg
Capacityup 35-40 bags/min for 1kg
Bag size min 60*40*160
Max 200*120*460
Typical applications
Powder and granules e.g. Maize flour, baking powder

(2) Low cost semi automatic dry powder products fillers:-
An accurate vertical screw fillers, commonly used for powder and dusty products. The product is typically fed into the hopper via a feeding system to maintain constant level in the auger hopper as product is dispensed. The machine can also be equipped with the transport belts.