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  • Packaging Solution System

    We developed and manufacture in ITALY, fully automatic packaging line for free flow products, the machine filled and seal in a preformed paper bags.

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Packaging Solution System

We undertake to supply the best possible packaging machines for all free flow products. Our packaging technology is “tailor made” specifically designed to your project requirements for all range of unit weights. We are happy to rise to the challenges of other sectors, too.

Our line includes:
1) Automatic packaging machine for free flow products like flour, dosing and sealing in a preformed paper bags, high flexibility owing to the latest technology logic computer program plc. which controls the whole process, chamber transport system, suitable fillers, product compaction by means of adjustable frequencies and aptitude, regulated feeding chamber
We packed from 1-5kg from a preformed paper bags.

Typical applications
Powder and granules e.g. Maize flour, baking powder.
2) Automatic bag placer for valve sacks.
3)Electronics packers for powder products.
4)Humidify measuring system for wheat.
5)Automatic open mouth bag units machine for 1-70kg bags.
6) Weighing baggers for big bags.
7) Twin screw feeds weigher
8) Electronics doser for powder semi automatic

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